The Geo-Tech Solutions (GTS), is a GIS base social enterprise run by a team of   professionals from IT and Natural Resources sector. The company aims to work in the area of Geospatial services and training which   includes Mapping, digitisation, and any other geospatial techniques for sustainability and in decision making and policy planning. GeoTech Consultant  aims to support the natural resources managers both in Government and private sector.  by building an  interface for any development work and environment impact studies through GIS network for querying, analysis and decision making.    The focus area for the consultant will be imparting training using OPEN SOURCE software and data available in web beside services. It also aims to conduct outreach programme for Geospatial technologies in far flung remote areas of Manipur and outside, eventually.  This technologies have become mandatory in many Government projects and in private sector in order to bring about transparency in work related to natural resources. Thereby the company will focus on spreading awareness of the available techniques in the easiest possible way.